Sales Training is the most valuable tool you have as a Dealer to immediate financial success in your dealership. Typically, dealership sales training has been on-the-job training (OJT). The downfall of this is your salesperson is with the customer, the practice is over…it’s the real game. This is where we come in, our sales process development will have your managers and salespeople operating so they can win the game. Dealer Associates, Inc’s on-site dealership sales training increases sales and gross profits, fosters an upbeat “team environment” amongst the sales force as well as management, and greatly improves sales person retention and productivity. Our sales training is convenient, efficient, effective and affordable.

Dealer Associates, Inc offers on-site training facilitated by our professional trainers. Choose from any of our comprehensive workshops encompassing sales training, internet sales training, objection handling, prospecting, F&I management, used vehicle management, and sales management. Our workshops are customized for the individual needs and goals of your dealership.

Our training and development techniques have proven results in both large and small dealerships. Building consistency in not only how your salespeople present the products, but also how every manager negotiates the deal, making it easy for your salespeople to get a customer to commit to purchasing a car today. Consistency is the key to selling more cars, generating higher average gross, and happier customers.

On-site dealership training is available in 1 – 5 day formats, along with monthly 1 day sessions for continuous reinforcement and retraining of your dealership’s sales process.

Contact us today form more information or to schedule on-site dealership training with our professional trainers.