Legal compliance, increased product knowledge, and the need for department profitability require providing a professional and well trained Finance & Insurance Manager. Customer satisfaction, customer retention, legal compliance, full product disclosure, store profitability, and maintaining a good relationship with all lenders, are ALL the responsibility of your Finance Department. For the last 15 years, Dealer Associates, Inc has provided its dealer partners with training that supports the ever increasing demands for qualified, ethical, and diligent Finance Managers.

Our five day comprehensive F&I course includes an intensive study of the F&I Manager’s legal responsibilities and offers proven sales techniques. Our course covers the F&I process completely; from the meet and greet all the way to the clean-up of all paperwork. The class focuses on comprehensive selling skills and emphasizes legal compliance, full customer disclosure, menu selling, overcoming customer objections, the psychology of the deal, and the relationships between your sales, F&I, and accounting departments. All F&I personnel, sales managers, and general managers are encouraged to attend classes in order to manage and maintain employee continuity within your dealership.

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