Since our beginning in 1990, Dealer Associates, Inc. (DAI) has provided our Dealer partners Training for Your Success to increase your sales and profitability. Using sound and proven selling strategies, we are committed to training each department in your Dealership in order to promote maximum profitability. Our creativity, industry leading strategies, individualized training, cutting-edge technology, and social media resources enable our Dealer partners to adapt to the ever changing Automotive Industry as well as to customer needs.

Training for Your Success offers thorough, monthly classroom instruction at our corporate offices as well as onsite in-dealership training and online video instruction. Our customized training not only includes detailed product knowledge but focuses on legal compliance at the point of sale in order to promote customer satisfaction and long-term customer retention. In addition, we focus on training that supports your dealership’s financial goals AND promotes cooperation and harmony within your various departments. We provide onsite in-dealership training for management, sales, and service personnel. Not only do we facilitate training that supports your specific objectives, but we provide timely detailed analysis and ongoing follow-up in order to measure performance. Our performance measurement tools enhance customer satisfaction and promote customer loyalty and retention.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation Training for Your Success analysis. At minimum, this detailed analysis will provide you with an outside perspective through the experienced eyes of our staff. We eagerly anticipate becoming Partners in Your Success!