I would like to offer my recommendation and endorsement of Dealer Associates, Inc. We have been doing business with Dealer Associates for over 11 years with all of our F&I products. They are more than just a vendor to my dealership. They operate in many areas of my store as an advisor, trainer, consultant and or confidant. Dealer Associates helps with training in our sales department, finance department and service department. I strongly recommend Dealer Associates to any dealer hoping to increase their profits.

Recently, we began the Jupiter Chevrolet Advantage Program to give us an advantage in our marketplace. So far, the Advantage Program and the training Dealer Associates has provided have helped us increase our overall sales volume and our gross profit. During our first month we had 7 of our customers that left and then later came back to do business with us specifically because of the Advantage Program. My entire management team supports the program. This is just one of the many reasons we do business with Dealer Associates Inc.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my dealership.

Mike Matetich Sr., President

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As an automotive dealer for nearly 40 years, I have found that there are vendors that you buy from and then there are consultative relationships that become an integral part of your business for many years. Since the beginning of the Mike Shaw Automotive Group over 17 years ago, Dealer Associates, Inc. has been my F&I product and training company and is a valued part of my seven dealerships today. They provide the highest quality products and the best training I have ever received and have consistently helped my stores be more profitable throughout those 17 years.

From strategic alignments within my dealership departments to personnel recommendations for my management team, Dealer Associates, Inc. has always been one of my primary consultative sources. Their superior training for both my F&I and Sales departments, along with their compliance solutions provided through their strategic alliance with AFIP, allows my stores to achieve higher profits and increased sales encompassing compliance protection and awareness at every level.

Dealer Associates, Inc. field representatives provide superior development, training, and consulting to my managing partners in each store. The performance reporting tools, eContracting, eRating and electronic menu provided by Dealer Associates, Inc. gives my stores outstanding performance, measurement, and accounting of each department’s product sales and profitability.

Dealer Associates, Inc. also manages the assets of our participation programs related to products they provide to my F&I departments. Dealer Associates’ Quarterly Reporting gives me and my managing partners a complete picture of where our companies stand and what profits are available for distribution.

I would strongly recommend any dealer to do business with Dealer Associates, Inc. They have truly been a Partner in the Success of Mike Shaw Automotive Group. Please do not hesitate to call me or anyone on my staff about Dealer Associates, Inc.

Mike Shaw, President

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